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Quinta Capital Partners è una società indipendente di consulenza finanziaria e gestione di portafogli fondata nel 2016 con sede a Milano.
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Quinta Capital Partners is an independent consulting and asset management company established in 2016 with headquarter in Milan. Quinta has structured and currently manages investments in Italy for over € 1.1 billion. The company offers customized asset management solutions and a wide range of portfolio structuring and management services, with particular focus to real estate, opportunistic credit and distressed assets.

On the real estate side, the company’s activities mainly focus on the following asset classes:

  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Residential
  • Logistics

Our investment team has a significant track record in the financial market and a consolidated network, having successfully assisted numerous institutional and professional investors of global standing, and structured complex transactions developing innovative investment strategies aimed at providing solid and high returns.

Quinta Capital ex Negentropy Italy


Quinta Capital Partners allows investors to access a wealth of knowledge of the Italian real estate market without equal. Our professionals are focused on offering investors the best possible investment experience by achieving tangible results. This is why our customer portfolio continues to grow along with our reputation and success.


EXPERIENCE AND CONTINUITY Our senior team made a total of 40 investments for a total amount of € 7 billion of transacted real estate assets.

JUDGMENT AND DETERMINATION We have a solid experience in terms of investment performance that spans several economic cycles since 2005.

DEDICATED FOCUS We specialize in value-added “Core +” and “Opportunistic” transactions.

ALIGNMENT OF INTEREST We are an independent company controlled by management that can count on a disciplined business approach and a boutique mentality that allows high flexibility and a full alignment of interests with our customers.

COMMITMENT FOR CORPORATE CULTURE In the Fifth we reward integrity, trust, collaboration, teamwork, creativity and performance.

QUINTA CAPITAL. Independent consulting company.


Origination of investment transactions in Italy.
Structured solutions for selected investors / partners who wish to sell or acquire high value properties or portfolios.
Integral coordination of the investment process.
Peculiar knowledge of the investment market and the ability to find customized solutions make Quinta able to satisfy partners with excellent results.


Real estate asset management with coordination of multiple suppliers (property managers, facility managers, project managers, law firms and other consultants).
Identification of the best strategies to maximize the value of assets for the benefit of our customers.


Assistance to institutional clients and companies in the definition and implementation of business plans and real estate strategies to achieve their goals.
Consulting during the acquisition, sale and evaluation of properties.
Advice for raising debt and/or equity capital.


In Quinta we rely on a wide network, always looking for the best opportunities on the market wherever they are. We are able to identify inefficient real estate and credit market segments that can maximize Quinta’s financial and managerial skills by providing attractive distressed investment opportunities. In Quinta we identify and analyze the best investment opportunities in order to generate returns above those typically associated with the risk profile of the transaction for the benefit of investors and equity partners (private equity funds, hedge funds, family offices and high net worth individuals). We aim to build long-term relationships of trust, providing the best advice and execution, identifying the opportunities that best meet the specific requests of our partners, ensuring a high level of competence, transparency, commitment, alignment of interests and discipline.


Starting from our fundamental and rigorous research on each opportunity, thanks to our deep knowledge in terms of capital structure and restructuring processes, we build our advantage towards distressed sellers. We strictly analyze each opportunity by selecting only those that appear to be the most attractive at a given time.


As a critical component of each distressed transaction, it is essential to carry out a thorough due diligence involving the best professionals on the market in order to protect the investment. Quinta’s proactive due diligence approach consists in interfacing with the market on behalf of the client, providing the client with a report with a corresponding interpretation that allows him to make informed decisions. We have a consolidated experience in the due diligence of real estate transactions which allows us to fully understand each potential disadvantage and the specific risks assumed by each of the parties involved.


We try to be active in any investment on behalf and alongside our customers. We carry out transactions that we can control and, once the investment is made, we work alongside our partners in order to implement our strategies with the aim of maximizing the value of the investments made.